Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment


As per contract, we are responsible to collaborate with the RAISE authority frequently to collaborate and create 20 creative posts static, animated and video in type including an awareness video from a celebrity. So it is really challenging to keep going with the monthly content calendar, designing the creative copies and visuals, approving those, uploading the contents at the respective platforms, following the responses and manage the huge load of quarry and so on. This project constantly keep all of our departments busy, costs us extra time and effort. We circulated the creative contents through Facebook and YouTube and the RAISE program has got a huge response. The primary objective of our responsibility was to evoke awareness and engage the returnee migrants with the project and influence them to get registered.


We partnered up as “social media content creator and promoter” with RAISE, an ongoing programmer taken by Bangladesh government and circulated by wage earners welfare board (WEWB) to bring back good fortune to those who migrated unwillingly due to Covid19 or any other reason. The Government took the initiative to help returnee migrants with various opportunity to help them stand back to face the economic and other crisis. We were responsible to create awareness contents to aware and evoke the returnee migrants to be registered in RAISE program to enjoy the privilege of the program.


Our creative communication through social media made a hype and the number of registration started increasing regularly. The authority appreciated our efforts, as the results reflected our work capacity. RAISE is a project ongoing, and we see the bright sign of getting more projects from the WEWB in next.