Sun Drnking Water Documentary


AD65 made a 6 minute documentary about sun drinking water. How healthy SUN DRINKING WATER for the consumers had to be shown by the documentary. Our research team provides an enrich script with the detailing of mineral composition. We shot in the project area of sun drinking water in Ulipur, Kurigram. We do maintain international video editing standards. We did digital media buying for SUN DRINKING WATER also.


Product documentary means a detailed image of any item by visualization with a frame of a certain time. Every detail has to exist on the video about the product. Quasem groups product SUN DRINKING WATER decided to create a documentary for their official website. AD65 gave a presentation on this. The Clients were more than happy to work with us. On this project our main challenge was to show how healthy SUN DRINKING WATER for the people. We had to keep every demand of our clients. For the video shoot we had to go to the remote area of kurigram which was also a challenge for us.


Water is a very sensitive ingredient in our lives. At first we visited Kurigram to have a clear picture of the project. Our research team worked hard to enrich the Script. Mentioning Mineral Composition was very importent for this documentary. Besides that we had to make sure that the duration of the video would not be so long.

Whole AD65 team visited the project area of sun drinking water in Ulipur, Kurigram.
We did Video shooting
We did video editing
Sun drinking water documentary’s duration is 6 minute
We did digital media buying for Sun drinking water

" AD65 has been invaluable. They understand our brand and took our social media involvement from infancy to deeply engaged. They deliver what they promise and more. AD65 given our brand best results on and offline. I love the team."

Mashuq Alam

General Manager

Quasem Industries


Sun Drinking Water got a great response from its stakeholders. Consumers liked the documentary so much because they got every information about how Sun Dirking water could help them to get healthy. People liked the documentary on youtube also.