Sun Chips `বউ নাই তাতে কি?’


`বউ নাই, তাতে কি?’ is the one of the most viral campaign of Sun Chips which was executed by AD65. After the campaign people were getting creasy about the creative. Other brands also tried to follow the campaign and launch something like that with their brand activity.


Sun Chips gave Ad65 a brief about making a design of a campaign which had to be out of the box and where the young generation can easily connect to themselves. Innovating an idea according to their demand was a major challenge to us.


AD65 team came up with an idea known as `বই নাই, তাতে কি?’. It was a totally out of box idea. Sun chip gave us the green signal to go forward. We made some different creative for sun chips social media platform. We did digital media buying for them. Sun Chips uploaded those creative on their social media platform.


when the campaign was started some people considered it as a negative campaign. But with the time being it was getting the huge love of consumers. A funny trend was developed by the consumers `বউ নাই, তাতে কি?’ By observing the craziness of the social media users around the campaign, other brands started to do something similar to it. It was a successful campaign for us.