Skill Development for Mobile Game & Application, ICT Division


Ad65 selected and agreed up with the initiative - “Skill development for mobile game & application”, an initiative of Bangladesh ICT ministry, as a qualified mobile game development firm for developing games including post development and monetization.


One of the main challenge of this project was to meet the timeline. The pre-arrangements of the project was huge and diverse. Logistical arrangements was also a tuff challenge. Besides, designing and developing games was not the big challenging at all, but entertaining.


The idea of the project provided by Bangladesh ICT ministry on behalf of the government. The aim of the project was to develop skilled human resources in the app-game industry to enter the international market. To prepare Bangladeshi youngsters in the field of mobile apps and game development sector and connecting them with the global markets and creating jobs for them. As we agreed with the initiative, we developed mobile games, developed their post phase and monetized them uprward.


Ad65’s working on game development and related activities turned out as huge success. All the responsibilities that we assigned to do had done very efficiently and the project authority appreciated our services with thanks.