Shezan Sauce Social media communication


We know in the present era Social media communication has a great impact on their brand value. We made some influential creative which took Shezan Sauce’s social media value to their TG on another level of satisfaction.


Shezan sauce is one of the most popular items in the product basket of the Sajeeb Group. Our clients put their demand to develop a few creative where they especially wanted to focus on the freshness, pulp quality of the tomato, taste of the sauce and freshness of product ingredients. On this project, our main challenge was to establish the fresh taste of tomato on the sauce by the creative and involve the young generation with this.


The team of AD65 came up with an idea known as ` বেশি ঘন, বেশি টেস্টি’. The Shezan Sauce brand team liked the campaign design so much. They agreed to work together. We develop more than 10 creatives to emphasize on the purpose of the campaign to portray the freshness of the ingredients of Shezan sauce to enrich the brand value of them.

" Digital advertising agency AD65 is very friendly and professional in its field. The creative team provides all output timely. We are very happy to work with them."

Emdad Haque Marshal

Brand Manager

Sajeeb Group


Creative of this campaign made it vibrant on social media. TG of Shezan sauce is involved with this campaign so we got a lot of organic reach around the campaign. We thought to engage more people to it by paid marketing. Thousands of the people's reactions we got during the campaign period.