Mobile App Game & Job Festival 2023


"Mobile App, Game & Job Festival - 2023" is an initiative of the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Bangladesh. The aim of the festival was to developing skilled human resources in the app-game industry to enter the international market. Ad65 acted as the festival organizer in Barisal and Khulna Division.


The festival was divided in five main segments and many sub-segments. The main challenge was to communicate with related every person, decorate the festival premises and stages for guests and competitors and stalls for technology companies and visitors. We also created and arranged every single objects that was necessary to run the festivals.


The main idea of the festival was to create a platform for mobile games and application developers to let them the opportunity to connect with the companies and manufacturers. In the festival, mobile game and developers found a great opportunity to show their creativity, to join on the quiz competition and to meet the technology companies. The day-long festival was consisted of five separate sessions titled “Smart Careers with App and Game”, “The Rise of Animation: Exploring the Career”, “People, Training and Technology”, “Animation Movie Screening” and “Presentation on Short Listed Game and App”. In these sessions, skills development training was provided to young technicians and students with the aim of creating various types of mobile apps and games that meet the needs of the current global market. In the event, a competition was held with more than two hundred ideas of mobile apps and games from students of various colleges and universities. From there, three selected ideas are awarded.


We successfully completed the festival in both Barisal University and Khulna University venue, gathered 80+ reputed IT and software manufacturers of the country to participate in the job festival. In each festival, we ensured 1500+ registered visitors and 3000+ on-spot visitors. IT and software manufacturers collected the resumes of students and at least 10 students got instant jobs in both festivals.