Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment


Ad65 was partnered with the project “Procurement of Non-Consulting Services, Package-2” for “Media Buying Service: Advertising across the TV, Print & Digital Media”. The objective of the project was to information dissemination and raise awareness among the target audiences for safe, orderly & regular migration.


The challenge for us was to conduct all the communication and publications in a very little span of time and allocated budget.


Ad65 was assigned to promote all creative communication like image, video and advertising etc. in respective channel. As we are very experience in the field, our special team conduct all types of communication with national televisions and national newspapers. We successfully brought TV schedules, newspaper columns. And on digital Medias like Facebook and YouTube, we run the communications as we provided by the authority.


Our skillful media buying effort bought a tremendous result. We became able to circulate communications through the leading newspapers and TV channels. Besides, in Facebook and You Tube, we reached people more than we targeted. The result appreciated a lot by the authority.