Ligion Mehdi Eid Campaign


Ligion Mehdi is one of the most popular Mehdi in Bangladesh. In Eid-Puja-Wedding-traditional Occasion, Ligion Mehdi seems the essential product to our females. Ligion Mehdi has an immense market share of Bangladesh’s Henna industry.


Ligion Mehdi asked us to made an OVC and found out the engagement of the audience around the OVC's with our technical experts. Besides that, they wanted to make some alluring creative which could easily able to grab the attention of the TG of the product. So our first challenge was to have a great organic response from the consumers of the Ligion Mehdi. On the other hand, we need to emphasize on to develop the creative’s as per the demand of our client.


The team of AD65 did develop the OVC for the digital platforms to reach the TG comfortably. We developed some engagement creative where the young generation can be effortlessly involved with the campaign. When we made the creative of the Ligion Mehdi we kept some components in our mind like TG, Occasion, quality, color duration etc.


We publish the OVC and creative of Ligion Mehdi on the digital platforms of theirs. We found a lot of organic reaches no that’s content. When we observed the organic reach of the contents we decided to do the paid marketing on the online platforms. The huge response we got during that campaign period which was one of the most successful campaigns of Ligion Mehdi’s for that reason brand team of the Ligion Mehdi appreciated our efforts a lot.