Kolson Macaroni simply delicious recipe contest


Kolson macaroni is a simply delicious recipe contest design for the online platform. We invite different types of recipes for the TG of kolson macaroni in the Facebook page of our Clients. We got more than 400 recipes for the participants. Not only that we got 2, 05,000 Facebook likes and 500+ shares on this contest.


In this new era all brands want to do something different with their Branding. Kolson Macaroni wanted to make some noise on a digital platform where their TG (target group) spontaneously participated in the campaign process. Our first challenge on this project was to find out an idea which would be different and easy for the TG to participate in throughout the campaign. Our other challenge was to ensure the successful PR and digital media publicity activities. We started to put our all effort into designing an event plan according to the demand of Kolson Macaroni.


By keeping the demands of our clients in mind we decided to come up with a campaign Idea named `Simply Delicious’ recipe contest. Kolson Macaroni also appreciated Ad65 for the Idea and agreed to work together. We announced on social media about the `Simply Delicious’ recipe contest. We invited recipes from the interested participants where the prize was Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket, Microwave oven, pressure cooker, stove burner.

We got a tremendous response from Kolson Macaroni’s TG. We got hundreds of recipes on Kolson Macaroni’s social media platforms. We had to extend the contest time for the demand of our clients. After two months campaign we found out the three winners of `Simply Delicious’ recipe contest. We provide air ticket to the 1st prize winner.

" Digital advertising agency AD65 is a phenomenal resource for all things online marketing and promotion. They are friendly, professional and achievement driven. "

Shah Imdadul Haque

Brand Manager

Sajeeb group








We got tremendous response from the campaign. 400+ recipe by this campaign. More than 2, 05,000 like on this contest. 500 facebook users share this campaign post.