Ispahani Tea Break Quiz On Creket World Cup


AD65 handles the digital media platforms ISPAHANI tea break quiz campaigns. We work on this campaign with Mediacom. We jointly work together to ensure the success of the ISPAHANI tea break quiz campaign. All the TG’s of Ispahany were getting interested in the campaign. So that client was more than happy with our execution.


Cricket is a very popular game to all groups of people in Bangladesh. For that reason in every cricket world cup all Brands are taking initiative for promoting their product by various events. ESPAHANI wanted to do something new. During 2015 World cup Mediacom and AD65 did the ISPAHANI tea break quiz jointly. We took look after about digital platform part and Mediacom handle of the rest of the other things related to that events. Our main challenge during that time was to make creative questions related to it and involve the young generation massively.


Ad65 has a great research team. They fixed 60 set of questions about the Cricket World cup 2015. We announced the campaign on social media platform. Not only that, how the points should count was settled by our team. Users started to give the answer from the very first moment. Right answer got points and wrong answers got minus points. The quiz contest was divided into three levels. It runs for 30 days The best score for 3rd level got a prize.






All age’s groups of people, especially the young generation loved the campaign so much. 800+ participants we got by social media. Lots of shares and comments we found from the campaign. We got 20 winners from the ISPAHANI tea break quiz. The winners got gift hampers from ISPAHANI.