Bombay Sweets Selfi Contest


Bombay Sweets told us to design a campaign where all their products TG could participate at the same time. We put all of our effort into designing an effective event plan which was named Bombay Sweets Selfie contest. The contest was run for 4 months and every week a new winner got an award by Bombay Sweets.


Bombay Sweets is one of the most renowned brands in Bangladesh. They have more than 20 types of products in their baskets. Now-a-days we have selfie crazy youth on social media platforms. Bombay sweets wanted to promote all types of products in one event. They told us to make a plan and execute that on digital media. We started to put our all effort into designing an event plan. More than 20 different types of product promotion on the same event were challenging for AD65.


By keeping the demands of our Clint’s we decided to launch a contest named `Bombay Sweets selfie contest’. Our clients liked that very much and agreed to work together. We announced on social media About the Bombay Sweets selfie contest’. The interested users had to take a selfie with Bombay sweets any product and share that in their timeline and tag the clients FB ID on there. Users had to share the photo with an adorable status. The contests run for 4 months. Every week a new winner got rewarded by Bombay Sweets.

" Everyone at Ad65 that I’ve met has been beneficial, using their experience to navigate a clear path to successful digital marketing plan"

Rafiqul Islam


Bombay sweets & co. Ltd






we got excellent reaction from the TG’s of Bombay Sweets. 550+ social media users participated in this campaign. They post their selfies on social media with one of any products of Bombay sweets. We got 6500 reactions and so many shares on Facebook.