Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL)


The main challenge of the project is managing BTCL customers' quarry on digital platforms. As BTCL is a company that acts on behalf of the government, we always feel a challenge while we manage the customers' query on behalf of BTCL and the government. Besides this, the other challenge is creating content for BTCL customers, as it has a wide range of customers across the country.


BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) has signed a retainer agreement with AD65 to manage its social media marketing, creating contents and circulating them. Besides, AD65 is also responsible for customer query management and media buying. As a digital media partner, we have to promote BTCL’s local services like ‘ALAAP app’, GPON package’, ‘Telephone and Landline internet services’ on digital media. BTCL is the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh. It provides land-line telephone services in Bangladesh's urban areas, domestic long-distance calling and international services as well as internet services. Bangladesh's first satellite on Earth's orbit will have 40 transponders to provide telecommunications and broadcast services. BTCL also provides dial-up Internet access in all 64 districts of the country, making it the most-accessible Internet service provider in the country. As of January 2009 its total dial-up subscriber is 32,433. Since the beginning of 2007 BTCL have improved its Dial-up Internet service for better customer satisfaction. It also handles the .bd domain.


We work enthusiastically, collaborating with BTCL and creating and managing its social media platforms efficiently. AD65 will make their continuous effort to create a highly responsive social media platform for BTCL.