Ahmed Sauce TVC


Ahmed sauce told us to make TVC where their TG will get to easy relate themselves. We develop a story where you cover the TG whose age is 18 years 50 years by showing the two characters of mom and her daughter. We blend the sauciness with freshness of the ingredients. We complete the full production within the demanding time of Ahmed sauce.


Ahmed Food is the pioneer of Sauce industry of Bangladesh. In last couple of years they did not made any TVC on sauce product. After at least 10 years they thought to make a TVC on TOMATO SAUCE for their target customer. After a long time what the clients wanted in TVC that’s found out was a challenge to us. They told us to make a TVC where they specially wanted to focus on the freshness of the product ingredients for their target customer. On this project our main challenge was to show the fresh taste of tomato on the sauce by TVC and involve the young generation with this. Another challenge was to endorse a renowned young model for the TVC.


AD65’s team started to work on this project. We came up with an idea where `a young girl is rushing in the morning for her daily routine and is not interested in breakfast. But the AHMED SAUCE makes her breakfast exciting and joyful.’ The idea was liked by our client. At first we did a wonderful TVC Script. AD65 endorses the very popular model and actress SABILA NOOR for the TVC. We did complete the shooting with the time fixed by our Clients.
We did the editing of TVC
We did media buying for the Ahmed Tomato sauce.


The TVC had a great response at that time. Ahmed Sauce TVC had telecasts on ATN BANGLA, NTV, ETV, RTV etc. The TVC was praised by the customers as well. This TVC was also able to get the TG’s attention on social media.