Aarong Dairy Valentines Day Contest


We made a campaign design on Valentine’s Day for social media platform. Ad65 approached AArong dairy with the idea where they agreed to run the campaign with us. We created a cake recipe video from the head chef of Dhaka regency hotel. Users share the video with the status for their loved ones. We did digital media buying for AArong Dairy for this campaign.


In the last 20 to 25 years, Valentine’s Day has been a popular celebration in many countries including Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, and Japan. In Bangladesh, Valentine's Day celebration started in the 1990s. Day by day it’s getting more and more popular to our young generation. So we thought to lunch an exclusive contest dedicated to a special feeling called of Love named `Valentine’s day Contest’. We approached AARONG DAIRY with the proposal. We pithed to them. They welcome our project. But it is unusual of our countries women to take to publicly declare their love on social media because of the shyness and social stigma which was our one of tough challenge. On the other hand we had to make sure that the contest deign has to be distinctive.


We wanted to come up with the extraordinary concept. Ad65’s squad started to work on this project. We innovated a proposal about to set out a contest based on social media where participants were share a cake recipe’s video made by us with an adorable status for their loved one. We create a cake recipe video from head chef of Dhaka regency hotel Users share the video with the status for their loved ones. We developed 200+ creative
We did digital media buying for AARONG DAIRY for the contest.

" "As a new company in a very competitive market, we realized the value of Facebook as a channel to reach new customers. We needed help to take our Facebook to the next level and Tinuiti delivered. Working with the team at Tinuiti has been an excellent experience and their results, as well as knowledge on the subject, has proven to be invaluable.""

Shubojit Mandol

Senior Manager

Aarong Dairy Milk






We got 2000+ participants on this campaign. Not only had that Aarong social media page got 6500 reactions also. Winners of the contest got the opportunity to have the special `Candle Light dinner’ at Dhaka Regency’s grill on the skyline restaurant.