National Museum of Science & Technology


The main challenge of the project was to plan and produce such a TVC, who would reflect the essence of the museum, its enthusiasm and beauty. We crafted a documentary, shoot the footages and bring out the documentary TVC, illustrating the basic function, activities and of course the galleries. The second challenge was to circulate the TVC into right channels. We strategized a plan for TV, print and social media platforms to connect the people with the TVC across the country.


National Museum of Science and Technology entrusted us to make a TVC on its profile and activities. NMST is an organization that illustrate the legacy and evidences of science and technology before the new generation to unfold their interests and ideas on this progressive field of knowledge. The museum has established in 1965 with only two or three galleries. People hardly know about this. The beautiful thing is that, in last one decade, government of Bangladesh has been taking many initiatives to enlarge the museum and its applications that applicable to the new generation. Currently the museum has 10 galleries. Many of them introducing the science as fun to the children. In this regard, The NMST entrusted us to make a TVC addressing the museum and its activities to aware and evoke people, especially the new generation about it. Moreover, AD65 was assigned to circulate the TVC and other related communications through multi-media channels.


The result was overwhelming. The authority and viewers found the TVC very meaningful and informative. The TVC, through multi-channels created a hype about the museum. Students, families and schools, especially in the holidays, started crowding on the museum beyond expectation. The NMST authority appreciated our work very much.