A well-planned corporate video production created just for your company is not only the most effective approach to interact with your audience, but it can also boost conversions. It’s a technique that’s becoming more popular among firms all over the world. By 2020, nearly 90% of organizations will have used video in their marketing strategies. According to a global internet forecast estimate, video traffic will account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2023!

Video Production

Spending time online

Consumers have increased their internet activity by as much as 30% in the last year when the epidemic began and stay-at-home requirements were implemented. When it comes to users’ online content activities, a mind-boggling 90% of them are viewing videos. Every day, people spend an average of 3 hours and 20 minutes on social media sites, which is the primary source of brand research. 

With an engaging and informative video, a smart business will increase consumer engagement, click-through, and site traffic. Video marketing may propel your company to new heights. When it comes to corporate video production, however, always go with professionals that are experienced in producing high-quality videos that may be shared and boost brand visibility. 


How does video rule the world of online marketing?

When it comes to developing business and marketing strategy, numbers always create a clearer image. Many research, analyses, and data attest to video’s unrivaled effectiveness in attracting new customers and generating income. Take a peek at the percentages below to see how people consume video material. Examine the impact on company value and brand association as well.

  •         After incorporating video, 76 percent of firms reported an increase in website traffic.


  •         Customers have gained a better understanding of their products and services because to demo films, according to 94 percent of enterprises.


  •         Video delivered superior returns on investment, according to 83 percent of businesses.


  •         Website traffic increases by 84 percent, lead generation increases by 81 percent, and dwell time on websites increases by 80 percent when using video marketing methods.


  •         After watching the product demo video, 57 percent of consumers feel more secure about making a purchase.


  •         Videos persuaded 77 percent of consumers to purchase a product, while 74 percent learned about new products and then purchased them.


  •         When compared to text or images, videos on social media generate 1,200 percent more shares. Consider the reach that this will have!


It would be irresponsible not to take advantage of the fact that 90 percent of public customers feel that corporate and brand films assist them in making purchasing decisions. Of course, as the amount of content available grows, so does the competition to stand out. Nonetheless, sharpening video production strategies might be beneficial.

What are the benefits of video production for businesses?

We retain information better when we watch videos. Simply defined, it is a more memorable and deeper experience than reading words or looking at an image. As video usage continues to rise, brands are increasingly using video to convey their services, goods, and ideas.

1. Video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums available. Corporate video production creates aesthetically appealing, easily understandable content that keeps viewers engaged. A video can better explain any product or service than other forms of media. The video’s enticing aesthetics have the potential to better engage your target audience. Furthermore, messages received via video are remembered for longer and with greater accuracy. All of this helps to boost a consumer’s buy intent as well as brand exposure and recognition.

2. Video boosts profit margins. The majority of today’s buyers seek for a video before purchasing a product or signing up for a service. These videos include product demonstrations, service explanations, reviews, recommendations, how-to tutorials, and explainers, among other things. This means that video production raises the chances of attracting the attention of not only the target audience but also a larger market. You’re giving people what they want and reaping all of the benefits of video marketing in the process. Marketing efforts that employed video production saw a 20 percent increase in conversion rates and a 49 percent increase in income.

3. The brand identity is efficiently conveyed through video. Along with revenue, any business’s most significant asset is its brand identity. The ability to recognize a company’s brand is just as significant as being aware of it; it leads to brand loyalty. Visual representation clearly demonstrates a brand’s identity; it allows viewers to identify with a company’s culture and vision, as well as comprehend what the company is capable of. The use of video in marketing initiatives raised brand awareness by 54 percent.

4. Video content keeps you at the top of the search engine results page. Good content is what gets you to the top of the search engine results pages. Consumers who prefer to learn about services or products via video over other forms now perceive a video on a landing page to be good content and spend more time on the page if it contains one. In turn, search engines associate this feature with the availability of high-quality content, boosting the page’s rating.

5. Video can clearly clarify any concept. Visual cues can be used to demonstrate and explain any information about any product or service. This is why, when it comes to understanding something, video is preferable to text alone. Regardless of who your target audience is, they will choose to watch an explainer video than reading a handbook. This is particularly true when it comes to technological or medical products, software, or financial services.

6. Branded videos are more popular on social media sites. For online marketing, social media is a must-have domain. The modern customer is interested in everything that is trending on social media platforms like as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. The best thing about these platforms is their wide reach and affinity for video sharing. If the videos are both informative and entertaining, people are more likely to share them on various sites. According to 93 percent of marketers, social media videos can ensure new clients. When 1 in 3 people turn to social media for brand information, video production for social media should be a high-priority campaign strategy for a corporation. Around 80% of the Australian population, for example, is now active on social media. It’s a compelling and persuasive way to raise brand awareness and engross your target audience. This is especially true when 73% of purchasers confess to being affected by a brand’s social media presence. It’s all about successfully integrating outstanding ideas with equally great execution when it comes to video creation. It must be both practical and educational, as well as entertaining. This winning mix is likely to make customers happy, and as a result, you will be rewarded for your investment.

Give your video production a leg up on the competition.

There have been numerous studies that illustrate how individuals prefer vertical over horizontal videos, and how they watch videos without sound. This does not imply that you should prioritize sound quality over graphics in your video marketing. Today’s consumer expects their experience to be as efficient as possible. They want the ability to use numerous senses depending on the situation. In short, the corporate film creation for your company should be flawless. Diversification and regular testing can help you achieve this.

First and foremost, emphasize the importance of short, quick videos for mobile consumption; nevertheless, creatively diversify to cover all types of viewing patterns. This means that, in addition to 30-second snack able movies, lengthier interactive and immersive videos should be considered.

Second, the time of a video alone cannot be used to assess the effectiveness of video marketing. Rather, you should evaluate a video’s commercial value in terms of its creativity, platform, and demographic. Variety in creatives is enabled by measuring the proper parameters. It also makes fine-tuning video production for better results more affordable and faster.

Third, keep your eyes on the prize. Your films should gain a lot of attention, bring people back to your website, and produce new leads. Producing a video and releasing it isn’t going to be enough to get everything done. Cross-channel promotion, making the video shareable, integrating it in email marketing, and so on are all important aspects of content marketing.

Again, corporate video production is about attaining the benefits that video production delivers to a business, not just generating videos. This is where a professional video producing company stands out. The inclusion of these characteristics in a production agency’s approach can help businesses find the suitable video production partner.

Don’t let your business get lost in the shuffle.

Reach out to a new audience, deliver useful information in a fun way, and turn viewers into buyers. However, the success of corporate video creation is strongly reliant on creating and distributing them in tandem with tried-and-true digital marketing methods. This is why producers are fascinated with mastering the art of corporate video creation, and why you should hire them to do it for your company.

You’ve seen the statistics, and the conclusion is that corporate video production is beneficial to a company. Furthermore, the public like it and will gladly consume great content in the near future. Start making a difference with corporate video production today to increase your brand’s rate of relevance in a fast-changing world!