Being Digital means being technologically advance. So, as the technology always brings progress so the digital world grows along with it. With the upcoming technology the digital media also brings up its own advancement in the field of advertisement. That’s why in the year 2015 the digital media progressing a step ahead from the year 2014. New things are coming up and becoming a new form to promote your brand in the digital world. Among all there are some noticeable improvement happened around us in the digital media which I am going to describe below-



Rise of Digital Mobile Video Advertising: Video advertising is a new addition to the digital marketing world. It adds an extra flavor to the field of marketing. Before we used to use only still posts or posters as a medium of advertising in digital media. But now we can find more of a video advertising. The video advertising is nothing but advertising in a form of video which is used to attract the customers to know about the brand and product. Though it needs more budgets, but it is more effective way invented recently. This form of advertising has been used in different websites, especially in the news portal, e- commerce site, in YouTube, Face book and so on. It has been placed in such a way that the viewer will watch it unknowingly and they cannot ignore it. By the time they find a way to ignore they will get the related message. These kinds of video advertising are very short in nature, generally is it 10 to 20 seconds. But with this limited time it leaves the maximum effect. Even it is effective in Smartphone and tab as well. While opening a site it pop up on the screen and there is no way to ignore it.



YouTube In stream Video Ads: This is the year the In stream video ads are raising video ad.  In stream video ads are those ads which just pop up on YouTube while you click to watch a video. It’s a very short 10 second ad. Before the companies overseas used to do in stream videos but in this year we have seen a large number of Bangladeshi companies are giving ads on YouTube. It is an effective digital form of advertising which can catch the maximum audience. By selecting the audience, this is a great way to promote your brand.


Organizing Facebook Contest: This year the brands of Bangladesh have become more involved into contest ideas. For engaging more audience into the Facebook page of the brands, they are organizing different contests. Especially the photo contest has become most popular which got a large number of audience response. This year different brands in Bangladesh like Nutty Biscuit, Sajeeb Group, Ispahani etc has organized contests in different occasions. Even Atom Gum organized dubs mash video contest. Moreover the quiz contest Bombay sweets did during the world Cup cricket has got a great response. So, the contest has becoming one of the great ideas to promote your page and brand in the digital world. Even these contests are made by Facebook apps which has given it a organized look in the page.



E-commerce Growth: E – commerce growth is more of a recent issue, especially in Bangladesh. If we think about 2 to three years back, e – commerce are not so much into rise. The reason behind is the technical support and the trust of the people. There is a perception on people’s mind that the e- commerce charges for a maximum price from the customers. But as the days are passing with its perfect delivery system people are relying more on e- commerce. Especially for the working person who does not get time to shop, it comes as a blessing to them. Similarly in the hot summer e-commerce is a perfect solution. Even people can order from abroad and send it to the dearest one. Even some e-commerce sites import original products from abroad and sell it to the customers and the customers in Bangladesh appreciate it the most.



E-commerce through Face book page: In Bangladesh recently Business through Facebok page is getting popular. Especially for the branded dresses and cosmetics different Facebook pages are maintaining pages. The less quality and fake product has become a big issue to Bangladesh recently. So, here different Facebook pages have become a trend to get their product through different pages. These kinds of business are small in nature and anyone doesn’t need a huge amount of money to run this business. Even they can get some advance money for the product and order the product from abroad. By updating their day to day activity and pictures they are gaining the trust of the customers. So these Facebook page businesses are into rise now. Anyone knowing the ordering process can open an business in Facebook page.


Mobile Payment Gateway: Mobile payment is one of the easiest payment gateways which are getting popular in recent years. Through Mobile payment anyone can pay any amount easily through their phone. It reduces the hazard of searching the ATM booth as well. With the help of mobile payment now we can recharge our phone balance, do shopping and even collect money anytime we want. Even the educational institutes are also adding mobile payments for the easy admission and tuition fee gateway which makes the payment procedure easier. That’s the reason recent year mobile payment is becoming more popular.


Naïve Advertising Taking the Market:  Naïve advertising is nothing but a form of online advertising. It matches the form and function of the advertising. There are different types of naïve advertising like Naïve Search Engine Ads, Naïve Twitter Ads, Naïve News Feed ads, Naïve advertorial ads, Naïve video Ads.  In recent years Naïve advertising is rising very fast. These kinds of ads do reading, showing and listening at the same time which aims to inform the viewer in every possible way.

In the year 2015, these digital improvements happened around us which has made our lifestyle easier. Similarly, some digital improvements are also noticed in the field of marketing which gave the brands an opportunity to reach the maximum number of audience. That’s why the brands also prefer this form of media to improve their marketing trends with the progressing world.