Total Number of Internet user has reached to 91.42 million in Bangladesh. Among them 85.63 millions are mobile internet users and 5.78 millions are regular ISP provided users.The number of mobile phone internet users has increased by 17.73 lakh and reached to 8.56 crore in August (2019), at the same time the number of fixed connection users has increased by 42,000 and reached to 57.33 lakh users. (according to BTRC website)

Now the thing to ponder upon is are the actual user the same person or not? One person can be a subscriber of mobile internet, Wifi, Modem or any other sources at the same time. On the other hand another person can use internet in his handset over Wifi only. Therefore the Data provided by the sources need to be more clarified and more intense research is required in this field.

Marketing specialists are showing reasons against spending money on Facebook for business advertisements. The concerns are legitimate as Facebook is facing a crisis due to data privacy issues, and the younger generation is quickly moving towards Instagram, Snapchat.

We also have seen a 300% price hike for Facebook ads in recent years (according to adespresso). In spite of all these concerns people are sticking to Facebook for business ads in 2019 for two valid reasons.

Firstly the number of Facebook users are continuously increasing, particularly between the age groups of (30-65) who are super active on that platform. This means it is a great time to market your products on Facebook to the decision makers who fall within this demographic segment.

Secondly the steep ad price is still worth it if you compare it with print, TV or radio. Facebook still remains the platform with a greater potential in terms of correctly analyzing the target market to bring desired result.

     Chatbot was the most sought after thing in 2018 thus a lot of businesses started actively using and endorsing it. After tremendously evolving in the last one year, all its features are yet to be applied by the customers. So in a way, last year can be labeled as a trial year for Chatbot.

It is predicted that 2019 will be a much bigger year for this with newer implementations and executions. A lot of businesses are yet to activate Chatbot. However, experts are certain that most businesses will actively use Chatbot for their social media and websites in 2019. This will set an example of better communication within and across businesses. 

Instagram started growing years ago, and it is growing faster every year. New features and updates are making this platform more lucrative day by day. Instagram users are in the age group of 18-25, and will start a career within the next 1 to 3 years. So many users who may not have the decision making or purchasing power right now, will certainly have so within the next few years.

Hence, running ads on Instagram will definitely add a lot of value to your brand. Proper utilization of Instagram has the potential to take your brand to the next level by helping you secure a place in the minds of the decision makers of the future.

Final Verdict,The traditional above the line and below the line communications will not be dissolved totally any time soon. Rather Conventional and Digital marketing will Co-exist and blended together for best desired result. As a marketer, I am keenly looking forward to seeing these predicted trends mould the lives of many in the future.

 Like every year, 2019 will definitely prove to be challenging to marketers as they seek to adapt to the changes. On the consumer end, new tools and options will enhance the consumer experience, and provide newer and better ways to connect and converse in real-time.

In this pacy and ever changing world of technology, we Bangladeshis are trailing behind. However, our story of digitization has been significant. The growth of mobile phone and internet users in Bangladesh is the proof.