Whatever you may have thought about podcasting previously, its back. And it’s growing in Bangladesh, where brands are increasingly adopting podcasts as a content marketing tool.

Let’s take a step back for our readers who are unfamiliar with podcasting as a content marketing technique before we dive into it.


What exactly is a podcast?

Podcasting is a digital progression of radio broadcasting that entails creating one or more audio or video files that are issued episodically and frequently downloaded in MP3 format via internet syndication (but does not include music or movie downloads).

What Is the Process?

Podcasting allows marketers and companies to communicate their value proposition to a captive audience in a clear and succinct manner. For our on-the-go society, podcasting’s on-demand functionality allows businesses and brands to communicate their stories anywhere, at any time, establishing authority in their sector and cultivating brand fans along the way.

Unless you’re a comedian, drawing a large audience isn’t easy, but podcasting may be a strong medium for communicating a variety of ideas, products, and information to a niche audience.

People can subscribe to a podcast, which is one of its most appealing aspects. When a new podcast is released, your audience is notified via RSS feed syndication, which eliminates the need for a new marketing effort.

By giving a dedicated email address linked with your podcast, you can use podcasting to further engage with your customers and prospects by allowing them to comment directly to the material. Then, in a future episode, respond to questions or address feedback you’ve received. Many podcast hosting platforms and aggregators allow users to leave comments on their podcasts. You can later use that feedback to develop new material.

Podcasting can also be readily integrated into your company’s social media strategy. For readers who like podcasts, blog entries can be augmented with them.

What Do Marketers Think of Podcasting?

“You don’t need 3 million people to listen to your podcast anymore since our culture is so niche-oriented.” If 10,000 people listen, which isn’t a difficult amount to reach, you can do something with it; you can create a community and literally change the world by simply recording into a recorder.” Chris Hardwick is a comedian and host of the Nerdist podcast.

Podcasting is still a “tiny fraction of overall listening,” but it is something that needs to be prioritized. We have to be where the customers are.” Clear Channel’s president of digital, Brian Lakamp.

Marketing and Podcasts

Some brands have been interested in the value that podcasting can provide to their business as this format for content generation grows in popularity. Brands can communicate with a captive audience through podcasting. With today’s mobile lifestyle, the ability to have podcasting on demand allows businesses and brands to share their stories anywhere, at any time, which helps to establish authority in your sector and develop brand champions.

Bangladeshi firms are experimenting with this new avenue for marketing as the podcast becomes more popular in Bangladesh.

If you want to use podcasts for marketing, though, you should know that regular material goes a long way toward keeping people engaged with your business.

Increase the reach and engagement of your community by linking the podcast to your blog or other social media outlets.

You may utilize podcasting to assume a higher level of connection with your present and potential consumers by including an email address associated with the podcast where listeners can directly comment to the material. This will also provide you with new article ideas. You can respond to questions or deal with the comments you received in the next episode.

How may a podcast be used to advertise or market a business?

Current events and hot themes are discussed.

Podcasts are a terrific method to keep your audience up to date on the latest news and trending subjects. If there’s a big news story in your niche, your audience will most likely want to learn more about it. Get in front of the microphone and express yourself.

Establish yourself as an authority figure.

Host a podcast to establish your authority. You’re already an expert if you know enough about a subject to fill a series of 15- or 30-minute podcasts. However, because you’re giving out your important knowledge for free, others will regard you as an authority figure.

It is always effective.

Instead of thinking of an expert as someone who has spent 50 years doing something, consider someone who knows a little bit more than the ordinary joe about a subject. We also have a member of our staff who recently launched a Bangla-language business podcast. You can find it right here.

You can earn your audience’s trust.

Listening to someone else’s voice has a more real and approachable quality to it. Because you can hear someone’s voice tone and inflection, they appear more genuine and honest.

Make use of podcast directories as a new source of exposure.

Personally, I’ve discovered numerous brands simply by searching the podcast directory for a given topic. And I’m not the only one. Several companies have recognized that podcasts help them raise brand recognition.

Podcasts can be turned into blog posts.

Your podcast can surely be turned into a blog post. You’re not even required to type. On your blog, you may include a transcription of the podcast.