75% of brands are recognized by their logo

Many of us always think that the logo and branding are the same part of a company. But scholars are saying, no, these things are not the same. There is some fundamental difference between brand and logo. In a very general sense logo is the part of the branding activity. But when a bend developed throughout the market 75% of brands are recognized by their logo according to marketing and branding experts. 

brands are recognized by their logo

Conversely, 60% of consumers avoid brands that have odd, unattractive, or unappealing logos, regardless if they received good reviews (Study Finds, 2020). 59% of consumers prefer buying new products from brands that they already know (Invesp, 2020).

Today we will discuss the LOGO of a brand.

What is Logo

When we want to know the details about the logo in that time at first we have to know `what is the logo’.  So the logo is the visual mark that represents the character of the company which is developed as part of the branding activity of a company. In this competitive market, an impactful and powerful logo is the main component in the path to the success of the brand. A remembering logo provides potential customers to you because it is able to make a mark to the brain of the target customer as any brand want.

Component of developing a logo

The logo for any brand is the visual shortcut of the company which helps it in the promotional phase of a brand that’s why we need to be very careful when we develop a logo for a brand. Target customers, Color, design, the company’s character, and cost is the main component for developing the logo. Specialists of this field mentioned that the easy understanding logo which has two tones of color easily can connect to the customer’s subconscious mind. On the other hand, so much technical design is be avoided because of making more difficulties to the customers to realize about the product. The cost could be high for a better logo. Because the logo is developed generally for a long time to represent the brand identity in front of the target markets.

The importance of a brand logo

International brands like APPLE, Coca-Cola, MacDonald, Amazon etc all of them are now recognized by the Logo of its brand without anything. The logo of them brings international recognition to their industry. Now we are going to have a little discussion about the importance of the Logo for a brand

Represent the Identity:

99% of potential clients of an international brand are recognized by its logo in front of the client which is proof that Logo is able to connect with customers to develop the brand identity. This is considered as the symbol of the wisdom of any brand to present themself.

Makes the potential consumers:

When you adorn a stander amazing logo in front of your store it could easily grab the customer’s eyes for your product. Clients feel curious to see the logo of any brand and put their steps in front of the store and helps to have the experience of your product which enhances the process of making potential clients.

Make yourself different:

Every brand has a different logo. But when your logo is able to make differentiate from the competitors and grab the attention of the customers that could be a game-changer in the industry to reach on the top of the level of customers satisfaction which will make sure the success of your company.


Every brand time to time redesigns the logo for updating the look for the duration of the time being. A recognizable and familiar logo goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. 

How branding agencies help to develop the influential logo

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