In the name of advertising the first thing comes in our mind is TVC. Most of the brands are mostly aware of TVC ads. Moreover, billboard ads, newspaper ads are also very popular among the brands. The brands are unaware of the effectively of digital media which is a great way to advertise for different reasons. Here are the top most reasons why the brands should use digital media-

Effective Medium


  1. Effective Medium 

We all are aware of the effectively of TVC ad, newspaper ad and billboards. But compare to that we are unaware of digital ads. Generally Facebook adTwitter adGoogle ad, and all kinds of advertisement related to digital media called digital advertising. The effectively of this new medium is also flawless. In digital advertisements we can count the ‘Reach’ of the advertisement which is impossible through billboard ad and newspaper ad. We can count impression of TVC ads, but the way the impressions has been count is more proper in digital media. Moreover, we can interact with the audience /user of the brand directly. Now-a-days the world is becoming digital day by day. People are more into YouTube, Face book and in Google. While traveling, or in office they browse through internet. They even hardly look through the window to see billboards. So, digital ad has far more impressive response compare to other mediums.

 2. Cost effective

Digitcostal media is much more cost effective. As we all know how expensive a TVC is. For one TVC minimum we have to spend nearly 12 lac or more. Even newspaper ads are one time use and quiet expensive. Hireling a place for a prominent place is higher. But compare to that digital advertisement are quiet inexpensive. We can start it with the minimum budget and it can vary according to the interest of the brand. The more viewer the brand the more they have to pay. From a small brand to a big brand anyone can afford it easily.



3. Create Engagement

Creating engagement among the user and the brand is the best thing to do for the users. It’s a great brand strategy which will help to promote brand. Moreover it will help to gain kind of trust and bond within the user and the brand. Through face bookTwitterLinkedIn the brand can post different post related to brand. The user can comment and like and give their opinion on particular post. Moreover special offers and discounts can also be given through the branded page and it is a great way to serve your customers. So it creates a kind of engagement within the brand and the user which will help the customers to have faith on the brand.

4. It’s Flexible

The most positive outcome of Digital advertisements is that it’s time and view is flexible. According to the requirement it will increase and decrease. You can control your spending and views. You can also control the time and target specific group according to your requirement. Suppose a brand focus us on the youth of the country, specifically user/ audience of only Dhaka, so this specific group will be targeted for the advertisement. Moreover if he does not want to open the ad during night time, so for that specific time the advertisement can be stopped.

5. Day to day Creative feel

Digital media is the only media which can give you a day to day creative feel. For other media a specific banner or video is always fixed as an advertisement, but for digital media it is totally different. Each and every day we can provide different ads, make different posts & make banners to make the branded page more interesting. It is a unique way to promote a brand. This new creative side gives a total new outlook of the brand and makes a solid outcome at the end of the day.

6. Targeted Reach

Choosing your target group is the best thing for a brand to promote. It helps a lot to reach the advertisement to the right person. In traditional media it is not possible to select the target group targeted-reachwhile publishing an advertisement. Suppose if we publish a TVC, there is no guarantee it will reach to the targeted people; but it will reach to everyone randomly. Similarly if we publish an ad in a newspaper, we cannot control who will buy and see the advertisements. But in Digital media we can select the audience demographically and reach to the targeted people which are more effective than publish it with random user.


7. Visibility

In the matter of visibility also digital media is doing great. The online ads are made in such an attractive way that it is able to catch the attraction of the user. Moreover, the placement has been in such a way that it cannot be ignored. Moreover different kinds of animated advertisements are being done to attract the reader. Suppose a flat article and beside an attractive animated advertisement, so it’s obvious that it will catch the attention. Moreover now- a –days website advertisements are placed in such a way that when you go through a website first you have to see an ad and after some second you can minimize it. By the time you cancel or minimize it, you have already seen the ad so, the visibility of online ad is really great and that’s why digital advertisements are effective.

Digital advertisements might be new in the field of advertisements but it is an effective way to increase the brand visibility. Moreover, in terms of cost, audience reach, flexible use and creating engagement it is an absolute master. So, why not try digital advertisements when the country is getting digital. May be it can be proved as a wonder for your brand.