Digital is becoming a core word for media now-a-days. Day by day the brands are realizing the importance of bringing their brands into digital world. When the whole country is being digital, why the media will lack behind. So, it’s the time for the digital media to take the floor. Now-a-days everyone spends most of their time in Mobile Phone, computer and mostly in Internet. That is the way people get connected to each other.

This is the era of Smartphone’s where most of the people have Smartphone’s on their hand. Even now we can get Smartphone in such a cheaper price everyone can effort it easily. And the Smartphone user knows very well that there is not much use of Smartphone without apps on it. So, to reach out the maximum people the brands can use mobile apps as a medium to reach the maximum people.

Who focus on the billboards much when they have Smartphone’s; people spend their maximum time looking at the phone. So, making an app can be great to promote your brand in many ways. So here are some reasons why should you do your branding through mobile phones-

Make a Name /Digital identity:

If you make mobile apps with your brand name, so the first thing it will do is create a brand identity for your brand in the apps world and your brand will be recognized as well. Moreover if someone install the app, and they see your service then your brand name will be settled on people’s mind. Suppose, your brand name is ‘Twist’ and it’s a food & Beverage company. So you made a recipe with the name of ‘Twist Recipe’. So, this app carries the brand name ‘Twist’ with it and this app can make the brand popular along with it and create an identity in the apps world.  It’s a nice approach for creating a brand identity. Moreover, a new brand which is not yet established in the market also make an app that people recognize it in an instant.

Permanent Identity:

permaent-identityAn app is a permanent Identity for your brand in the digital world. Until you remove the app from your phone, it carries your brand name. You will always be remembered and your brand icon will get its place in user’s handset. You can do some upgrade if you wish, to match it with the latest interface, but it will always be there in apps store. Generally people don’t tend to delete the apps they download until it carries a huge megabyte or totally irrelevant. So, if you make a perfect app to serve your customer, it will always be with your customer as a symbol of your brand.

Inexpensive for Long Term Use:

Making a mobile application is one time investment and it has long time use. Suppose you are making a recipe app on your brand name. You have to pay only for once but the outcome you will get is for an unknown time frame. Whenever people will search for recipe app they will download your app. Moreover, whenever they feel like cooking with your recipe they will go through your recipe app. Moreover, if you want to upgrade with the time providing new recipe or maintain it time to time then you have to spend but the spending will be less. On the other hand, if we think of Billboards and newspaper advertisements, these are not long term as with the time being the poster gets damaged and for newspaper advertisements is just one day use. For TVC also the same applies as people get bored with the same TVC and with the time people’s taste changes. But for an app it’s totally different because people will use app for years just because it’s a service oriented helping hand for them which brands does as an initiative for supporting their customers.


Build Relationship With Your Customers:

Your Branded app can be a way to your customers. Through the app you can know what your customers know and the customers can have one to one communication with you. Moreover, through the app you can provide service to your customer. Like, if you are a company produce milk, cream, butter the desert recipe app can be a great app for you. You can post different apps and you can make an option that the customers can also share their recopies with you or if they want to give some comment about the recipe they can provide it. So, it will create a positive relation between the brand and the customer. This communication will help to create trust to the customer about the brand and all know trust works everywhere.

Provide advertisements:

Provide-advertisementsIf you are having some offers on your brands, then you can provide advertisements through your application. Suppose, ‘Twist Food and Beverage’ made a new tomato sauce so, as a promotional plan you can provide digital advertisements through your app. whenever someone go through your app, the ads will pop up at the front. These kinds of advertisements calls pre-roll advertisements and these are great to grab attention as there is no way to skip it. Moreover, there are small advertisements can be provided on the app itself. These ways are great to promote your brand digitally. Through this way you can promote your brand in both ways: through providing service and advertisement as well.

There are many ways to do digital branding. Brands of our country are focusing on Facebook, Youtube and Google. But they might not be aware some other segments which are as popular as there. So, why not do your branding through mobile apps. After all, this is also as effective as the other medium of Digital media and with a fruitful result it might make you surprised.